Friday, May 9, 2008

{ Mother's Day DIY }

Here's a last minute DIY Mother's Day project that'll leave a lasting impression long after the brunch has been savored and the bouquets have bloomed! What a better way to remember your special day than with cute custom paper silhouettes of the ones you hold most dear! This project caught my eye while visiting a favorite website of mine three potato four. So pull out the snapshots & tracing paper and get crafty in time for Mother's Day!



*Good side profile photo
*Scissors or Xacto Knife
*Tracing Paper
*Glue Stick or Spray Mount
*Black Acid-Free Cardstock Paper
*Plain or Patterned Paper for Mounting
*Frame of Your Choice

What To Do:

{1}. First you'll need to start with a good side profile of the person. Make sure there is some contrast with the background so you can get the details of their profile and catch some detail in their hair. Print out the photo in the desired size your would like the silhouette to be.

{2}. Next, placing your tracing paper over the photo, carefully trace around the profile of your person. It's good to incorporate any cowlicks or wisps of hair in bangs or ponytails. These little details make the silhouette more unique and add character.

{3). When you are happy with your tracing, staple the tracing paper to your black acid-free paper. Staple around the traced silhouette. This keeps it in place as you cut your silhouette out.

{4}. Carefully and slowly cut your silhouette out, using either a good pair of scissors or an Xacto knife.

{5}. Take your finished black paper silhouette and mount it to the paper of your choice. Use a glue stick or spray mount to secure your silhouette.

{6}. Place in the frame of your choice and place for all to enjoy! These make great gifts and are a great personal momento for any home!

{ Photos & Intructions by Three Potato Four }

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