Friday, February 26, 2010

Oh Happy Day...

What makes me even more happy that its Friday? To have placed my order for a few of these pretty little rolls, Happy tape! These rolls won't just be sitting pretty once I get them, I've got big plans for them for an upcoming paper project. Can't you tell which colors I am partial to? I know, i know but I can't help it. Which colors are you instantly drawn to or which are instantly drawn to you??

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lilith Fair

Loretta, Nora, Sarah, and Cat, oh my! What a wonderful surprise to read this week that Lilith Fair is making a return to Chicago this summer 2010! I attended my first Lilith Fair back in high school, it was my first concert and holds very fond memories for me. It's such a powerful feeling to be in attendance where women are being celebrated. Add to that a great lineup of performers, summer in the city of Chicago, and you've got one great venue that cannot be missed!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Magazine Roundup

How great is technology!! I love that we can freely browse through so many creative and inspiring magazine editorials without having to step foot in a bookstore. Here is my weekly roundup of magazines I've been slowly taking in cover to cover over my lunch break. Enjoy!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Polaroid Play

Polaroid Play, originally uploaded by evphotogal.

Create Polaroid- like photos from your digital photos by downloading the free Polaroid application @ It features an easy drag and drop camera icon and like magic your poloroid develops just like the real thing! Enjoy and happy Friday!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Tag.. Your It!!

Inspired from all the love fests I read about in blogland over the weekend I decided to share with you a free printable download. I printed one of these out for my sweetie and glued it onto his Valentine card envelope with a little message. These are photographed tags with red ribbons attached to each one. When printed they have this great 3D quality to them because, well that's what so great about photography ;) They look great on a card or gift box. Simple and sweet. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hire Me Creative Blog!

In helping me to find a job that I LOVE this year, I've turned to the blogosphere for reinforcements. Hire Me Creative is my newest creation and I'm excited to put my work out there in hopes of finding a workplace that is creative, fun, and forward thinking. But most importantly I wish to be part of a team that produces great work that matters. Here you can find my resume and browse my photo, styling, and design portfolios, horray for organized files at last!! My first assingment was making a promo for Stephen Hamilton Inc. He's a fabulous food photographer in Chicago who is looking for an assistant to help manage his social media networks and studios photography. How exciting to get to write about such inspiring imagry that they produce! Oh, how I wish to work in a studio as lofty as his! Crossing my fingers and eyes that I get an interview!

Snow bunny

One of my most favorite things to do upon returning home from a long weekend is looking through the photos to help recreate the entire trip. This year our destination was Denver Colorado! For some skiing, brews, hot tub, relaxing, and site seeing, oh and of course some really tasty eating. We hit up Snooze one morning and enjoyed a cup of there free trade coffee while we waited to be seated. They featured Cinnful pancakes, which tasted like heavenly goodness. Later in our trip we headed to the historic Rockmount Ranch wear shop. This is where the western shirt with the pearly buttons originated from. It was cool to see all the photos of celebrities and movies where these shirts have made there stamp in history. And of course we made a day of hitting the slopes in a little ski mountain town just outside of Boulder. The weather was perfect, the air clean, and the snow was fresh! What more could anyone ask for in a long weekend?

Other tasty places to dine while in Denver:

Samba Room- Cuban excellence
The Market- Deli, Bakery, & Espresso bar (try the California cappuccino)
Osteria Marco- Modern take on Italian classics

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fuji Mini Love

Mini prints that develop instantly, oh my! I'm crushing over this beauty of technology! Just my luck that EZ over at Creature Comforts is having a giveaway today. Close my eyes, make a wish, and cross my fingers, I hope to win this camera.

L O V E is in the Air

This time of year usually brings the inner grade schooler out of me. I have fond memories of going to the store to pick out valentines to hand out to my friends in class. Fast forward a few years with a big box of craft paper, paints, markers, and stickers and I've got everything I need to create my own. I got started on these the other day for my nieces and nephews and turned my apartment upside down! These days there is nothing like the feeling of sending a little love in the mail!