Thursday, February 24, 2011

Where Oh Where?

I find myself asking today where has this week gone?  Really, it's Thursday already! I must confess the possibility of taking on this challenge has consumed my thoughts these last several days.  Combined with the support of my co-workers who have faced the tri challenge and lived to share their stories :)  I am truly excited for this challenge, now I just have to face how much it's going to cost to get a complete overhaul on my bike.  It's seen better days.  But I hope to have it back on the road within a few weeks.  If your looking to start a challenge (physical or not) I highly recommend the You Can Do It Handbook.  I was reading the stories of past triathletes and the tips they offer on how to get started.  It's got great references on almost any challenge your looking to take on too.  Such as scuba diving, organizing, volunteering, to writing your first novel.  So come on, YOU can do IT!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Friday

Wishing every one a happy friday today!  If you live in the midwest, get out and enjoy the fresh spring like weather we've been having this week :)  I hope it's here to stay!  I'm super excited for tonight because I am hosting my first craft night with lots more crafty gals joining in this time around! It's sure to be a great night for sure! I'll keep ya posted on what I end up crafting :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Post Valentines

Happy post Valentines Day to you!  I was so busy this weekend getting ready for yesterday. Making my valentines for the kids and figuring out what Joe and I wanted to make for our V-Day dinner.  We were both excited to make this recipe from Real Simple and its officially now my favorite meal!! Are you a lover or hater of this holiday? I'm kinda in between.  Although I don't need a day on the calender to tell me when or how to share my affection, I also don't need a reason not to. I think Joe and I do a good job of showing how much we care and appreciate each other in small everyday ways. And that's as much and all I could ask for.  How did you spend your special day yesterday?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Loving: Crafterall

Looking through my favorite shops on Etsy this morning my eye was captured by these awesomely crafted cards/ paper art.  They remind me of what the Midwest might look like from somewhere high up in the air, right?  Check out the shop Crafterall to see more beautiful layers upon layers of colored paper.  Stay warm :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Hi all, I've been mia these last few days due to a busier than ever work schedule. I went looking for some much needed inspiration this morning and I found what I was looking for along with a few inspirational podcast that I wanted to share with you.  If your not familiar with podcasts, all you need is itunes and patience to dig through there library of podcasts.  The best part is is that they are free to dowmload and listen to. I look forward to loading these episodes weekly so I have something (other than music) to ride along with me on my train commute. Below are the current podcasts I subscribe to right now. I'd love to hear of any podcast recommendations that you might have to share too!

Quote from Joy Ever After

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Printable Valentines

Remember when you used to hand out Valentines to everyone in your class? These cute Valentines by One Charming Party kind of remind me of those early years when every one of your classmates was your friend. These are prefect and ready to just download and print! I think my niece and nephew will really get a kick outta them :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

In the House

For those of you spending the day indoors today due to a massive snowfall, I hope you are having a most wonderful snow day full of anything that you want to do! The photo studio is closed which means I got to sleep in this morning and make an awesome egg breakfast for Joe and I.  Last week Joe was working on a few food photo portfolio samples.  Our place was overrun by props, food, lights, and various yummy smells coming from the kitchen.  The best part for me was getting to feast on some of the food afterwards.  We dined on a surf and turf dinner one night, the crabs were so meaty and tasty dipped in a little butter and the vanilla cake from Bake was so moist and rich. I ended up bringing the rest to work just so I wouldn't be tempted to eat another slice.

 Photography by Joe Bankmann