Thursday, February 24, 2011

Where Oh Where?

I find myself asking today where has this week gone?  Really, it's Thursday already! I must confess the possibility of taking on this challenge has consumed my thoughts these last several days.  Combined with the support of my co-workers who have faced the tri challenge and lived to share their stories :)  I am truly excited for this challenge, now I just have to face how much it's going to cost to get a complete overhaul on my bike.  It's seen better days.  But I hope to have it back on the road within a few weeks.  If your looking to start a challenge (physical or not) I highly recommend the You Can Do It Handbook.  I was reading the stories of past triathletes and the tips they offer on how to get started.  It's got great references on almost any challenge your looking to take on too.  Such as scuba diving, organizing, volunteering, to writing your first novel.  So come on, YOU can do IT!

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