Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March Happy!

Hello to a promise of warmer weather and sun rises on my way to work!  I welcome March today with open arms in hopes that I'll be winding down on wearing multiple layers to keep warm. And I welcome this week with a hope full outlook as Joe and I returned yesterday from a long ski weekend we took with family and friends at Granite Peak, WI.  Our weekend was filled with good company, deer and moose sightings, cozy fires, board games, and of course skiing! The time spent away was totally what I needed to come back to my comfortable surroundings.  Don't you just miss your home and love it that much more when you return from a trip?!  We walked in last night after being gone for two nights and the first thing I couldn't wait to do was fall into my clean bed! And a few hours later, I did :) Today I wanted to share some wall stencil inspiration.  A perfect solution for renters like us who still want to add a punch to our walls. I like to give Joe a say in the decor details, he does have to live with them too after all :)  We are almost in agreement with this one from Cutting Edge Stencils. I love the soothing graphic shapes and I can't wait to see how it will look in our kitchen.  The stencils from the photos below are from Royal Design Studio. Any home projects on your to-do list for this month?

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