Wednesday, February 2, 2011

In the House

For those of you spending the day indoors today due to a massive snowfall, I hope you are having a most wonderful snow day full of anything that you want to do! The photo studio is closed which means I got to sleep in this morning and make an awesome egg breakfast for Joe and I.  Last week Joe was working on a few food photo portfolio samples.  Our place was overrun by props, food, lights, and various yummy smells coming from the kitchen.  The best part for me was getting to feast on some of the food afterwards.  We dined on a surf and turf dinner one night, the crabs were so meaty and tasty dipped in a little butter and the vanilla cake from Bake was so moist and rich. I ended up bringing the rest to work just so I wouldn't be tempted to eat another slice.

 Photography by Joe Bankmann

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karyn said...

Is Joe a food stylist? Or a photographer like you? Gorgeous bowl of cereal. Sounds like you two have a lot of fun :) You should blog about how you met!