Thursday, December 4, 2008

{ Memory Display }

It's times like these that really help one sort out what's really important. Family is and now more than ever are my comfort, home, and joys of my life. Browsing through my digital photo albums I pulled my favorite memories from the past year and turned them into B & W photos. I think B & W never fails to turn a color photo into a timelessly classic looking moment in time. I was inspired to group these photos into a collection with the help of the ever beautiful wall displays from Pottery Barn. These silver gallery frames look so modern and makes every photo stand out on its own, which is exactly the esthetic I am looking for. Pottery Barn now offers downloadable wall templates to help you plan your frames and space with style! Here are my favorite wall gallery's. I'm also happy to share with you some of my favorite memories that might make my memory wall in the near future ;)


That Girl Designs said...

B&W photos, silver frames = perfection! I've started a collection of owl photos, all in B&W that I will some day group together for a wall display.

Love the wedding photo!

Anonymous said...

I love what you've done with your photos. The frames are gorgeous!