Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The return of Domino!

Hello and what a great morning it is!! The editors of Bride' have found a new home for Domino magazine and are resurrecting the magazines content online over here. Which just totally puts a skip in my step this Wednesday morning. I still think there's nothing like the real deal of experiencing a magazine in print, but since sadly this magazine is no longer in print, I will happily browse through the digital content as if it were ;) How great would it be to partner up with other people who still have some of these magazines to borrow them for a few weeks! I have a few of them and would love to start a trade/borrow of sorts! If anyone would be up for this, let's talk! Email me at: evphotogal(at)

P.S. I once found a collection of 12 Domino magazines going for $200 on craigslist....this, I thought, was seriously for the crazy's!

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