Thursday, July 24, 2008

{ Quilty Beaver }

Over the years I've grown my collection of T-shirts into...well a collection. Unwilling to part with some of my best memories from high school, college, and charity runs I decided to turn my most beloved cozy cotton tees into a quilt. With much help from designer/quilter Denyse Schmidt and her great, easy to follow book "Quilts", I just finished my last square and most labor intensive stage of the quilting process. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking to create a fresh and modern quilt that you will be proud to curl up in and call your own! And to anyone who has never worked with templates or worked from a pattern. Her book does a great job at explaining every detail of how to select your fabric, preparing your pieces before you begin sewing on your machine and assembling the multi layers of your quilt. Her instructions are not overly wordy and the photographs for each project highlight the point she is trying to make for each step. Which is super important for a beginner like me. Quilts comes with instructions and patterns for 30 quilt and patchwork projects as well a great beach tote and throw! I'll be sure to keep you posted on my progress. Quilt on!

{Soft nubby cotton pieces in creamy and gray nuetral colors.}

{Sewing in progress.}

{My completed 10 x 10 quilt squares!}

{Quilts by Denyse Schmidt}

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Christy said...

Hello EV! Happy to discover your stylish blog! Thanks for commenting on my blog btw.

Your quilt will surely come out wonderful and beautiful! I love your photos too!