Monday, January 26, 2009

{ Back Into the Swing }

{Photo by Alan Barr, Flicker}

I just flew in from a long sister's extravaganza week in Philadelphia yesterday and I am truly impressed with how much greatness the city had to offer. I was bound to have a great time, because I was in great company all week long. Needless to say the week was filled with great restaurants and a surprise spa afternoon on our last night, thanks sis ;) Here are a few highlights from my trip:

* Philly cheese steak sandwich from
* Running up the Rocky stairs ......(((Adrian)))!!
* Visiting the Phily Art Museuam
* Taking a horse & carriage ride for a historic tour of the city
* Staying in the posh Sofitel hotel
* Getting dressed up most nights to go out for dinner
* Renting a movie & ordering room service

1 comment:

karyn said...

Sounds like a great weekend. My sister and I would do something like that too! I need to give her a call.