Sunday, January 18, 2009

{ Lessons from a Sewing Machine }

Have you ever worked on a project for so long that its extraordinariness seems to fade the more and more you work on it? Why do we do this to ourselves? This is exactly what happened with my journey in making my first quilt. Since diving into this project in early summer of 08, I worked steadily on it for weeks on end only to put it away half completed for 2 months. It wasn't until my cousin saw and excitedly commented on my half finished quilt that inspired me to dust of my sewing machine and get back to sewing. I was inspired after seeing how inspired she was! And that positive energy was just was I needed to complete my cozy and calming quilt. With any project I take under my wing I am grateful for the lessons learned. Here are a few that I can add to my list of lessons:

* Take comfort in the smallest of details
* Measure twice, cut once
* Find your sewing inspiration ( mine was my cousin & Project Runway )
* Patience
* Work on a project only when ready to pick it up again... and again... and again
* Explore greener options (mine included organic bamboo batting and 20+ of my favorite cotton tee's)
* Find beauty in the flaws
* Research your materials, patterns, and techniques before starting (my quilting guide from start to finish)
* Above all have fun in creating a project that will live on ;)

See who else is cozying up in her newly fabulous finished quilt. Congrats to That Girl Designs for her sweet creation. You've made Amy Butler proud ;)


That Girl Designs said...

Wow, it seems we were both on a similar path with our quilts. I love that you shared the lessons you learned. I too learned so much from my experience. I think it is great that you made your quilt out of old T's. Now, we both have something special to wrap around us on cold days! Have a great week.

Jessica said...

I love this quilt! I'm looking for ways to re-purpose our old and beloved tees, but all the examples I've found so far are sort of cheesey. This is very inspiring!