Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Inspired By: Digital Paper Packs

Inspiration for me can come from anywhere at any time. But lately I seem to be filling my virtual folders with these digital paper packs. With such a great mix of color, pattern, and textures it's not easy to choose a favorite. And that's okay, really because at these price points you can say yes to just more than one! Yay!! All you need to add is paper and ink to the printer of your choice to start adding pops of stylish color to anything that you can decorate paper with . Such as candle holders, frames, inspiration boards, the inside of cabinets, canisters, file folders, and even furniture. Oh, and may I suggest Modge Podge as a great adhesive tool. It's a great adhesive and sealer in one that will make any paper application to just about any surface virtually effortless. Happy printing :)

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