Monday, September 13, 2010

For the DIY love

Good afternoon ladies & gents. As fall slowly encroaches into the Midwest, if you're anything like me you tend to spend your shortened daylight evenings indoors. This hunkering down time of year causes me to take a second look at the everyday objects/artwork I choose to surround myself with everyday. I couldn't think of a more perfect time of year to re-examine your wall spaces and imagine fresh eco and budget friendly ways to spruce up your everyday objects. Which is why when I found this DIY link via re-nest on framing everyday objects I got excited and had to share all about it! I have a growing collection of vintage cameras which I admire from my shelves, but I love this idea of mounting them to the wall and framing them. The shopping bag art is also a fun way to add pops of color and would be a feminine touch to any powder room, closet, or bedroom. Happy sprucing!

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