Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hello December

I've missed you and all things that revolve around you like hot chocolate, ice skating, Christmas tunes, pine trees, walking on freshly fallen snow, skiing, baking, decorating, and most important spending time with family. Yes, I admit! I am a holiday junkie!! Although nowadays I choose to make my gifts instead of buy them. And speaking of gifts, I wanted to share with you a special one that I started putting together this week. Who wouldn't enjoy reliving a moment in time each month for the new year? I bought this DIY mini desk calender kit from the awesome paislee press. For $4.99 you get 12 layered templates (sized 4 x 6 & 5 x 7) one for each month as well as at a glance calender of the entire year . With easy clipping masks, inserting your own photo is a breeze! Plus with convienent photo sizes you can easily print them at home or send the files to the printer of your choice. The hardest part is deciding what photo to use for each month. I can't wait to start printing these babies out on my Epson. But mostly I can't wait to see the look on my family member's faces as they look back on some of our favorite family moments.

Example of Feb month. Here Sam's eyes do all the smiling.

At a glance for the year. Isabella in a most relaxed moment.

As an extra special bonus, this kit also includes pretty packaging to really make your give shine!


Hearthandmade said...

omg i love paislee press i dont know why i havent followed her! Im over now.. thank you for sharing!!!

I have a free printable garland for christmas over on the blog now :)

Elizabeth said...

Your garland is so pretty! Thanks for taking the time to share :)

karyn said...

This calendar is a perfect gift, I just ordered it!

evphotogal said...

That's great Karyn!! I'd love to see how it turns out!