Thursday, October 13, 2011

Joe = Tasty Portfolio

Photography: Joe Bankmann

My guy has been working hard in the kitchen!  Here are some of his tastier fare, hmmm.  I can almost smell that peach & blueberry pie! Trust me, it tasted as good as it looks!  A nice little perk to living with a food photographer, there are always some ingredients that didn't quite make the cut.  A few weeks ago we had a produce aisle of heirloom tomatoes in our kitchen.  We had so much that we devoured them in salads for over a week!  Oh, it was difficult to go back to the regular cherry or plum varieties after that! But it's nice to know that there is always an abundance of something else around the corner.  Right now we are slammed with salami!  This could spell trouble :)

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mel said...

I just looked through his whole site and it's gorgeous photography. Seriously, if I was in Chicago I'd be asking if he needed an assistant. (I am slowly working to becoming a food photog as well)
Have a great weekend, and enjoy the food!