Sunday, April 21, 2013


Our lil Coach House is currently being taken over by DIY wedding projects!!  It has really become a space that only creative people could stand to live in, given all the chaos, but hey we are making it work!!  And trying hard to live in the moment and really appriceate this time.

1. Creating mock arrangements for out tables.
2. Diving into hand lettering our invitations.
3. Joe cutting out the liners for the invitation envelopes.

4. Finally organized my workspace shelves!
5. Menu tasting with our caterers Wild Asparagus.
6. And our wedding website is up and running! Loved how this all came together.
Check it out at


leah // sang the bird said...

So much DIY beauty! I especially love the hand lettered envelopes. YOur aestheic is divine xx

Liz said...

Thank you for your beautiful comments Leah!! I love when you stop by :)

Affordable Logo Design Company said...

Excellent piece of work!I much appreciate your creative.. Keep it up!!