Tuesday, March 10, 2009

{ Creative Pitch }

Hello! Work has been keeping me extra busy these past few weeks. It seems like everyday there is new news about changes being made to my company. Luckily no one in either the photo or the design departments have been affected. I can't help but feel blessed to have a job that still excites me to go to everyday. To help spread some of my good cheer I'm in the progress of organizing a donation to a non-profit organization called Creative Pitch. It's a great place that takes in used art supplies for Chicago art teachers to "shop" for supplies and materials to use in there classrooms. I'm hoping that between the photo and design departments we will be able to contribute a sizable donation and help continue to stir the future creative minds of Chicago students.

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den10studio said...

Being busy at a job you love = good creative energy!
What a great concept to donate used art supplies, I know I have a closet full of things I haven't been using.