Monday, June 7, 2010

Lovely Clusters: Summer Catalog 2010

Happy Monday to everyone! It's a beautiful partly sunny (my fav) day in Chicago! Rachel from lovely clusters wrote me today to let me know that her Summer Catalog is out and free for browsing! Each page is catagorized by color, which makes it a delight to flip through its virtual pages. If you see something that catches your eye just click on the photo for more information about the seller. Oh, and be sure to linger around the green page to see if anything looks familiar to you?


karyn said...

This catalog is breathtaking! I love that it is categorized by color, just beautiful - so is your photo on the green page!

Have a great day :)

shopgirl said...

Hi Elizabeth, I just popped by from Annie Banana's blog and I really like the layout of your blog.

What a cool idea to categorize by colour. I'll go have a look now at Lovely Clusters.

Cheers! A new follower.

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