Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday Wishes

Oh, for it to be Wednesday today is such a glorious thing for sure! This week has been sailing by and so has my mind :) Here are a few things I am wishing and hoping for today.

1. Reminders. I wish to remind myself that we only have a handful of years to live out our lives. I wish to live mine and love deeply, kindly, and madly. To savor the sweetness in the everyday and to share my happiness with those I care for the most (including a handful of blogger sweeties!)

2. Simplify. I wish to live with only what functions, whats conducive, what I wear, what I use daily, and what I can't live without. I'm having a garage sale this weekend at my parents and am getting rid of things that no longer fit into these categories.

3. Dream out loud. I wish to see a few small dreams turn into reality such as produce more work to pitch to Handmade Renegade, donate work for charities, and host my first dinner party!

4. Good company. I wish to be in good company with my landlords (they occupy and own the house in front of our new place.) They are a cool couple with 3 young children oh and there pretty artsy and are excited for Joe and I to turn their coach house into a unique home.

That's all for this week folks :) Be sure to check out the newest addition to the Wednesday wishes post from blogger Karlie as well as the ever wishful posts from Katie, Kellie, and Courtney!

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karyn said...

Your Wednesday Wishes are inspiring. I would love to truly simplify they way I live. How much stuff does one really need, right?

Did you apply for the Renegade Fair this year?