Friday, November 5, 2010

Have a great weekend!

Happy Friday to everyone! Excuse me for being mia this week. Although we are heading into our slow period at work we (all the photographers) just got handed a major photo assignment from the marketing and sales department. It entails exploring the city for me and capturing its architecture in an interesting way. I'm excited to check out some of our studios awesome equipment and lenses to make this happen. On another note, I've started making my Christmas list this morning! I'm starting early this year to make sure I put enough time and love into creating all my homemade goodies for the ones I love. I'm so excited to start and will be happy to share my creations along the way. The lovely magazine Gifted definetly got my creative wheels spinning earlier this week. If your looking for a beautifully inspiring digital mag to cozy up to this weekend please do check this one out! You will keep coming back to this one for ideas, for sure!

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karyn said...

Sounds like a fun assignment. I will have to check out Gifted - I like your idea of making gifts for everyone!
Have a good weekend.