Monday, May 10, 2010

Loving: Flowers in May

Happy Monday everyone! It's cloudy and on the verge of storming in the windy city which is why I needed to find myself a cheery pick-me-up to start off the week. I'm currently loving these illustration posters by Flowers in May. My favorite is the baking set and lazy Sunday! Click on each poster to find out more. Enjoy :)


...on the brink of something beautiful said...

so pretty. your blog posts always inspire me. :)
sooo i mentioned this to courtney, but was wondering what you thought.... my best friend will be living in chicago for a short while come august and i will most likely trek up there to visit her, and if i do, i would love to meet you and courtney in RL. lemme know if you might be interested. :)

Elizabeth said...

Of course little lady!! I would love to spend the day with you and Courtney for sure :) you have even more reason to come visit your friend!