Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday Wishes

A happy Wednesday to you today! While I don't claim to keep up with style (rarely will you find me shopping) I do indulge in shopping for workout wear instead! I find there is a direct link between what you wear to workout and how it makes you feel. Wearing an outfit that fits me well while allowing me to move freely and is easy on the eyes makes for a more satisfying sweat session, in my opinion. Which is why I am making today's Wednesday wishes post about investing in some new pieces. The hanes and old navy tee are classics and can be replaced easily without breaking the budget while some other pieces like the crop pants and shorts are an investment because they will carry me through many seasons to come.
Be sure to check out the lovely Courtney, Katie, and Kellie to see what wishes they are posting about today too!


rachel! said...

ohh, work out clothes! that means your work out. GOOD JOB!

haha, and thanks for the sweet comment. i LOVE promise! ALSO, i really like your blog. it's clean, refreshing...and most of all PRETTY. nice.

韋于倫成 said...

好好充實內在,空袋子是站不起來的。 ..................................................