Monday, January 9, 2012

6 Ways to Keep Blogging...

1. If you take public transportation to work everyday, use that time to think, sketch, write, and or plan shots to photograph for your next post. Carry a purse size notebook, use your notes app on your iPhone, iPad, and use it wherever you go.  You never know when a brilliant idea will strike!

2. If its possible schedule an afternoon of photography to add to posts in the making.  For example if you know you want to post a book review and photograph what your wearing for your night out next week, why not schedule to photograph all to photo stories in one afternoon. That way when you finish the writing portion of your post, you can quickly pull out your photographs and edit them into your post.  I find this saves a lot of time and really motivates me to post more when I have good photographs for a few posts already ready to complete my photo story for a post. 

3. Make it an enjoyable habit to photograph daily outings, events, and everything in between. Start thinking of these snapshots of daily life as creative inspiration for future posts.

4. Schedule posts over the weekend. This has worked really well for me in the past. Set aside a Sat/Sun morning to write, photograph, and schedule posts for the coming week ahead. I know your weekend time is precious, so really commit yourself to editing posts you'll be proud to publish.

5. If you have a Google email account (and are away from your home computer for most of the day, like me)
start writing future posts in Goggle docs.  When you finish them, you can just cut and paste them into your blog when you return home from the office later in the evening. 

6. Blog during lunch.  I don't really do this much (because I love to socialize with my lunch ladies) but when I have something so exciting to share with you that it can't wait until night, I happily eat at my desk and blog away! 

Those are just some blog tips that continue to work for me while I commute to and from the city everyday to my job as a commercial photographer/stylist . Do you have any advise or tips that have worked for you as a blogger and 9 to 5 er? I'm not going to dismiss those who stay at home to raise there families either! I give you mama's lots of credit because your job's are probably just beginning when 5pm rolls around.  I'd sure love to know how you manage to keep it all in balance too!!


inspirationCOOPERATIVE said...

These are really great tips. For me, it also helps to keep to a schedule, allowing a set amount of time for creating posts, reading my favorite blogs ;), commenting, replying to comments, researching...Need to get back to that schedule. Thanks, Liz.

Tori said...

These are all great tips! I need to start planning my posts better and set some time aside on the weekends. When you have kids you kind of have to get in where you fit in. I try to do it when they are napping or during bedtime. However, they are my little assistants when it's time to take pictures!

Lauren said...

These are great tips. I agree that the scheduling gives me the most satisfaction. It feels so good to know you're set up for a couple of days in advance or for the week!

meet-ten said...

This is very good tips for newbie like me : )
Thanks, Liz