Thursday, January 5, 2012

Gifts from White Nest

  Top photo by me.  All other photography by White Nest.

Joe and I look forward to the Renegade Craft fair every year in Chicago.  It's just a great vibe with yummy eats and such a collection of crafty talent it makes my head spin (but in a good way)!  I love to talk with the artisians that set up shop every summer.  It's nice to get to know who you buy from, right! Joe noticed my loving gaze when we entered the booth of White Nest.  But being his sly self he just pretended not to notice.  So it was a nice surprise indeed when I recieved 2 lovely gifts from White Nest for the holidays!  Can you tell I love birds?!  Haha, well now they have a space on my wall and on the couch.  They are both minimal works of art and I am happy to have them in our interior mix!  They are currently having a great sale right now if you'd like a piece for your home too.


Tori said...

Such a sweet gift! I LOVE birds too!(fyi Tori means bird in Japanese) : ) I'd love to peruse the Renegade Craft show in Chicago one but until then I will live it through you! Going to check out the shop!

Lauren said...

Sweet man! And gorgeous birdies too.

Ada (new york) said...

What a lovely gift (the actual presents and surprise) from Joe. My hubby gets me all the time too ... guess they know how to read our gazes (drool!) over items haha. White Nest's items are sooo delicately beautiful! Wish they had a store in new york.

white nest said...

Hi Liz!!

Awwww....I love this! I remember you're husband coming back and explaining that he was going to buy a few things for you! I helped him pick out some things so I'm glad you enjoy them...I didn't realize that they were for Christmas! What a great guy thinking ahead! Anyway, thanks for the lovely words...happy new year!

Meg, White Nest

Liz said...

Thanks Meg! I was going to send you the link to this post last night, but I forgot! I'm glad you found your way here! Thanks again for your fab home accessories! I love them :) Oh and congrats on your little bundle...any day now?