Tuesday, August 5, 2008

{ Cottage Weekend }

Ahhh....I'm having a great time editing and reliving these photos from this past weekend. Our family weekend consisted of lots of water time via kayak, paddle boat or fishing boat. Puppy love, we had our two family dachshunds in tow, my first game of bags, dance party night, my sister cooking in the kitchen (a rare sight to behold), and building a sand village with the help of my niece and nephew. We agreed to make it a yearly family event. And this is one event that I was blessed to be a part of! Enjoy.

{Kottmeyer & Hansen cottage sign}

{cottage entrance}

{sat morning coffee}

{yummy way to start the weekend}

{cottage lush brush}

{pup at play}

{sand village}

{fishing net at rest}

{kayak in cove}

{dock wine}

{roasted corn on the cob}

{happy dinner plates}

{loungers take the night off}

{puppy love}

{Kottmeyer/Bartolone/Villacorta Crew}
{that's me in the green!}

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