Monday, August 11, 2008

{ From the Archives }

I was organizing my drawers this weekend and came across a box of 4 x 5 film! I took these when I was in college (seems like only yesterday) and it made me long for semesters spent in the darkroom and all the lovely photos that developed. Enjoy these and more to come from the archives!

{Independance Grove Libertyville,IL}

{Independance Grove Libertyville,IL}

{Old School Gurnee, IL}

Blog announcement: I am in the process of designing my very own website!(thanks V for the inspiration and motivation) and spent the weekend coming up with concepts and ideas for the layout. I'm going to be a busy bee so my posts won't be as frequent for the next few weeks. But tune in soon for the reveal of my website, yay!


Christy said...

Can't wait for the unveiling of your new website! Lovely photos from the archives

karyn said...

Ahh, college photography! what memories! Good luck with your website, can't wait to see how it turns out. I have the worst time with dreamweaver - I think I need to take a class!