Thursday, August 28, 2008

{ Style Play }

When I'm not behind the camera my second love is styling! I teamed up with a good friend and talented photographer Courtney Bruesch for these studio shots. We had so much fun planning this photo shoot and came away with great shots for our portfolios. Enjoy!

{Photography: Courtney Bruesch}
{Styling: EV}


That Girl Designs said...

Wow! These are great! I really love the first one for all of its bright colors.

Thanks for your kind comment. I'll still be around, just a little less often.

Courtney said...

Wow! These look awesome. We are SUCH a good team (even through the LONG days that we put in when we work together!) We Absolutely HAVE to do another session...I know that you have a million ideads swimming around in your head! Let's get together, have tea, sketch and plan an awesome brand new photo shoot.

Also...I don't have that chair file...I'll have to copy yours again. Also, I'm glad to see that you didn't clone out the chair in the tablescape. I know that you didn't totally love it initially but it adds interest to that corner.

Yay for EV Style and CB Photogaphy

karyn said...

Nice work! I used to work with photographers - I have been out of the field for a while and I miss it. What a wonderful job you have, it probably isn't a "job" it is what you love doing! Keep up the good work!

A Print A Day said...

geez girl. you've got excellent composition!!

littlebyRD said...

These are fabulous! Flawless....
Thanks for leaving a message on my blog. I can't wait to look through more of yours!