Tuesday, August 19, 2008

{ Notebook & Lunch Labels }

Walking down the back to school aisle last night at Target got me to thinking about how much fun it was as a kid this time of year. Not the going back to school part (of course), but the school supply shopping trips will always hold sweet memories for me. Perhaps this is why a sharpened #2 pencil continues to be my writing utensil of choice and why I love to keep Crayola markers on hand, just in case a creative moment strikes (of course). I found these cute, fun and free downloads while roamimg the electronic aisles of the lovely Martha Stewart. The notebook labels are adorable, I had a fun afternoon printing and cutting them up with my niece and nephew not to long ago. And the lunch labels are sure to make any kiddos lunch extra special! Makes me want to go back to school...sorta. Enjoy.

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ittybittybirdy said...

oh these are very cute! That Martha, she is just too good sometimes. I miss back to school shopping too!