Monday, August 4, 2008

{ Walkabout 2008 }

Happy Monday everyone! It feels good to be back from a long weekend. (Stay tuned for photos to come). Its amazing how much good a change of pace and scenery can do for the soul! I feel alive (a little sleepy) but definitely energized to start the work week! I'll be busy this week getting my work ready for the Walkabout 2008 art show at the end of this month. I'm excited to show some of my new works as well as old favorites. But mostly I look forward to mingling with fellow artists and community. Check out the Walkabout 2008 blog for updates and information on the coming weekend events.


A Print A Day said...

oh hey, good luck on your art show!!!


Elizabeth said...

Thanks Yasmine! Are you in any shows this summer?

karyn said...

the walkabout sounds really interesting! best of luck! can't wait to read about it! are you doing any other shows this year?

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Karyn!
I don't have any other plans for this year as far as art shows go. But I can't wait to attend the Chicago Renegade craft fair coming up in September.