Monday, February 27, 2012

Fresh Start

Happy Monday to you all! It feels good to be back online :) Thank you to everyone for your well wishes and prayers for my abuelita!  I spoke with my dad yesterday and she is back home and in his care.  This weekend I spent sometime around the apartment looking for something to give new life to.  And as I saw my wilting V Day flowers on the table I decided to create a new arrangement with the ones that had life still in them.  I simply just got another smaller vase and cut the stems about 3 inches.  Can you believe these are almost 2 weeks old?!  It's the little things that really made my weekend that much more enjoyable!  What little thing made your weekend?


Theresa / inspirationCOOPERATIVE said...

Happy to hear that you abuelita is home, and your dad is with her. Also glad to hear that you took the time to appreciate the little things. There is definitely beauty in that.
Love those old suitcases. Really pretty foray and vignette.

Tori said...

So glad that your abuelita is back at home : )
I really love how you breathed new life into your old flowers and of course I love your styling!

Lauren said...

Beautiful still life...great news about your abuelita...and so smart of you to get your hands into something creative while you were worrying. Have a great week!

leah of sang the bird said...

So happy to hear that you abuelita is home... Creating beauty can be theraputic and is also good for the soul. I love your styling in these shots. Beautiful!

Liz said...

Thank you so much everyone for your kind words and support :) I'd like to think she's feeling better because of all the good vibes being sent her way :)


Good to hear that your grandma is back home. It's really hard when someone close is going trhough cancer.

Clever to use paper to get a "new" vase, and it looks so pretty on the vintage suitcases!