Tuesday, March 23, 2010

An Instant Classic

For those of you who have ever had the opportunity to develop your own film and work in a darkroom to develop your prints, you can relate when I say that it's such a great feeling to see your visions come to life on paper. I've been craving to print in a darkroom again, but I know that they are hard to come by these days. Mostly because not many places are investing in the space, equipment, chemicals, and money it takes to keep one running. A girl can dream though, right! I found this fun free download of a pin hole camera, Rubikon. It's a paper cut-out that (once assembled) becomes a fully functional camera and creates beautiful dreamlike images. For today I'll settle for sharing some of my portrait black and white darkroom prints from college with you;)


Courtney said...

I've been dying to find a good tutorial to make a 4x5 polaroid pinhole camera...I bet I can morph this into that.
I've got a 4x5 polaroid back and Polaroid Type 55 from college still and I too have been craving to do it!
I guess we were in college at just the right time.
There will never be a Darkroom Three like the one I took and TA's for with Alan Cohn...what a sad sad world when all of those beautiful fiber papers are no longer available. I suppose at the very least the chemicals can never 'go out of stock' since they can all be mixed on your own.
I miss making pinholes I guess is the point of this LONG comment!

Cat said...

*sigh* I know what you mean about developing your own pictures. Nothing like it!!

How cool is that camera! That is so cool! Thanks for sharing!


Elizabeth said...

I'm jelouse of your Polaroid 55, Courtney! I would love to see what you come up with with your 4x5 pin hole camera!

karyn said...

Remember rolling your film in complete darkness? Mine would always stick together :(

Elizabeth said...

Yes, I totally remember that! I actually didn't mind it as much (as soon as I got the hang of it), I always would mess up my developing times ;( Ahh...film!!