Friday, March 19, 2010

Free Font Friday!

Friday is my favorite day and I'm excited to share with you my free font pick of the week. This weeks pick, Jane Austen is partly influenced by the moody weather we are scheduled to receive this weekend. It includes everything from snow, rain, clouds, wind and who knows maybe even sleet. It's going to be a weekend for staying in, that's for sure! I could totally put both of these movies on repeat and play them over and over all day! Even thought the day of hand written letters have become so far and few in between, I like knowing that there are authentic fonts available even in our analog world. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!


karyn said...

Thanks for sharing another really good font!
Have a warm cozy weekend indoors. We might be wearing our race shirts to brunch too. Which, btw, was a very smart choice!

Mama Ventura said...

Awesome font! Thanks for sharing :)

I added your button to my blog :)

Elizabeth said...

Ha, ha...thanks Karyn!