Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday Wishes

Another Wednesday, another round if wishes...Yay!! This is my third week keeping up with this weekly posting and I really do look forward to putting my thoughts down and poking around blogland to see what others are wishing for on Wednesdays. Here goes:

1. Balance. I wish to find a balance between work, play, friends and my family life. I feel like when one or two things are going great others in this category seem to suffer ;( I feel sad and mad that I have yet to find and keep a balance between what I love to do and who I love to spend my time with.

2. Pen Pal Mail. I'm in between finishing some letters to send out and was super excited to receive my first lovely letter from Katie yesterday! Thank you for making my day ;)

3. New Music. I wish to find new tunes to keep me inspired, happy, and help get me through the work week.

4. Financial Life. I wish to plan more for the future by saving and putting more funds away for a rainy day.

Thanks for joining me today. What are you wishing for on this Wednesday? Be sure to head over to Courtney , Kellie's and Katie's blog to read what they are hoping for today. And join in with your own post of Wednesday Wishes and share it with us too ;)


Courtney said...

I know what you mean about the pen pal letters, I sent out on totally finished and then I thought well- it's been so long maybe I should just wait to get another one so that there would be no overlapping! Haha- I don't know WHAT to do now!

I'm with you on the new music too- I know we dont share tons of musical interests but I am sure that I can share some of my things with you. I'll have to go check.

Another great post of wishes Liz!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Courtney, yes that would be great! I love listening to new bands. I'd be happy to send some your way too ;)

Mama Ventura said...

So glad you got my letter :)

Ooooh, I think a music swap could be really fun. Maybe we could each burn a cd and send one to each interested party. Is that legal? If not, forget I said anything :)

Elizabeth said...

Katie, remember when you used to make mixed tapes? Those where the best! This is the same thing, minus all the pausing and static mid song ;)