Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Friday!

Friday!? Is that you?? Where have you been all this week? As I exhale into the start of my weekend I'm having thoughts of flocking in a field of green grass, splashing into a puddle with my umbrella for two, and calming the clutter in my ever expanding closets. The brink of Spring is upon us and change is in the air! And what a great feeling it is!

Tonight I am looking forward to spending time with my sister, along with niece and nephew while sharing our day over delicious fish tacos, yum! I've been looking forward to date night on Saturday because Joe and I are celebrating 6 months, woo hoo! We have been looking forward to dinner at The Bristol restaurant. There locally sourced (partnering up with 4 independent IL farms ), seasonal menu is rooted in Mediterranean flavors. A modern vibe and rotating chalkboard menu round out the reasons for my continued enthusiasm! Oh, and to make the night even sweeter, I hope to go to Hot Chocolate to share a yummy treat!

What about your plans for the weekend? Anything you have been looking forward to all week?

{A BIG Thank You to all your sweet comments this week, they have helped to make my week even brighter.}

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