Thursday, March 25, 2010

Loving: Vintage Luggage

My blog friend Karyn over at Den 10 Studio just scored the ultimate estate sale find, vintage luggage! How great are these! I've been spotting lots of vintage luggage being put to good use throughout blogland lately. Below are some ideas for you Karyn. I also thought you could use these as inspiration for your next illustration? If all else fails they'll make for a beautiful display and serve as extra storage in a bedroom, mudroom, or sewing/craft room ;) I'd love to know what you use them for, keep me posted ;)

{Karyn's estate sale find.}

{My vintage suitcases, placed under my book shelf.
They currently store old issues of my favorite decor/design magazines.}


...on the brink of something beautiful said...

im loving those decals!! and a suitcase table? awesome!!
these photos make me want to go thrifting RIGHT NOW!!! :)

Courtney said...

hehe I spot some Blueprints and Epson paper!

Isn't it awsome being a photo geek?!

karyn said...

Thanks Elizabeth! I like how you put your luggage under your shelves. Nice set up. You had to find those two together, right?

I'm going to grab your button. Great idea. You may have to tell me how to create my own : ) I will give it a try!

Elizabeth said...

Ha, ha, It's the best Courtney!

Sure Karyn, I will help you create a button. I'll give you the code and instructions on what info you'll have to fill in for it to work ;) And yes, I did find those together, I just couldn't say no to them...they needed a good home!