Saturday, August 13, 2011

Summer Loving and Happenings

  Hello blogland!  I bet your wondering where I've been for so long?!  I've been throughly delighting and basking in the warm summer air.  I really can't get enough of it.  I've been spending time with my loves in my life, doing away with cable television, devouring one library book after another, packing picnics to view movies in the park, experiencing my first country music concert, camping and hiking through Starved Rock,  taking neighborly strolls to the local dog park, keeping my cool with frozen treats, joining my brave sis for Sunday morning long runs along the lakefront (she's training for the Chicago Marathon). And last but not least,  I've been working tirelessly on our place and was super excited to have our home featured on Apartment Therapy last month too!  It was fun working towards getting our place to feel more lived in (with the help of countless DIY's) as well as adding a jolt of color happiness on the surrounding kitchen walls. Joe and I loved how everything came together and we just renewed our lease for a second year!!  Yay :) We are here to stay!!  How's your summer been?  I hope you've been getting the most out of it and enjoying as many experiences as well as creating new memories along the way.

  Below and above are a few snapshots of our flourishing succulent garden display in our front bay window.  These babies are thriving like you wouldn't believe!  And with so little effort on my part, once a week watering is all they need!  I highly recommend all variety of succulents for the green thumb impaired :)  I found mine at my local Home Depot, all under $6 a piece.  And the wood containers I found at a local Goodwill store for a $1 each! I covered some books with brown craft paper and splurged on some fun wrapping paper from the Container Store to give the display some height and pops of color.

Keep the Summer loving coming.....

Photos by EV Photography


Anonymous said...

Liz! glad to see you back on the blog bandwagon!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Zoe, feels good to be back for sure!
Thanks for the blate invite, I had a great time :)