Thursday, August 25, 2011

Toot Toot!

I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I never officially (and I'm all about official) shared with you my labor of love for the past year!  The quaint & comfy coach house Joe and I call home.  It was photographed by the awesome Apartment Therapy editor Jason Loper last month.  Today I share with you a few of my favorite photos from the shoot.  But you can check out the full post including all the juicy resource details here.  Our home is a continual work in progress, in fact I was writing a list today on my morning commute of decor details I'd like to complete before the summers over.  Mostly because it involves painting and leaving the windows open for long periods for things to dry.  The details of that I'll leave for another day.  For now we are enjoying all the work we put into the place by having a few impromptu bbq's, chill'n with the neighbors with cocktails, and just enjoying summer in the city. Oh and did I mention we signed another year on the lease?  I truly take comfort in the fact that we can nest another year in a space I feel we have made our own.  What's on your decor to do list before the summers end?

 Photography: Jason Loper

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danielle {breakfast at toast} said...

You did a great job.

and 100% sold on painting vs. stencil. I want to paint it BLACK. I may hire someone. don't want to screw it up!