Wednesday, September 10, 2008

{ Interview with Lara Cameron }

I was fortunate enough to take some time with Lara Cameron, the very talented textile designer I featured last week, and ask her a few questions about what inspires her to design, how she nurtures her craft, and where she hopes to see her beautiful designs printed on next!

EV: When did you first know that design was your calling?
Lara: When I was very young I was into all sorts of arts and crafts, but as I grew older I developed the notion that I could never make a career out of being creative - that I didn't have "the talent". It wasn't until I did an internship during Uni (in a creative role) that I realized that maybe I could! It's very much about practice and persistence.

EV: What inspires you to design?

Lara: I just really enjoy the creative process, and positive feedback on my work
really drives me. Since starting a blog I've become so much more confident about what I do, and therefore a lot better at it. Living in such a creatively inspiring city such as Melbourne always helps.

EV: What kind of supplies and construction goes into the making of your textiles?(meaning what kind of dyes, fabrics, and printing methods are used)?
Lara: We print with water based, solvent free inks, onto mostly cotton/hemp
fabrics. With the new printing studio we'll be hand screen printing on a 11m yardage table.

EV: Your designs include so much more than just textiles. Where else do you see your designs making their mark?
Lara: I've always loved the idea of printing wallpaper, which is something we'd definitely like to experiment with in the new studio. I also would love to create a range of stationery - preferably letterpress. Having designs cut out of metal or wood would be awesome too.

Yay! Thank you, so very much Lara for taking time from your busy schedule. Congrats on the new printing studio (get a peak of her new studio here) & much continued success to you and your talented team!

{Lara's newest design}


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Christy said...

Great interview, elizabeth! I'm a fan of Lara's work too. :)

Lara said...

Thanks sooo much for posting this Elizabeth!! :)