Wednesday, September 3, 2008

{ Lara Cameron: Textile Designer }

I've been following Lara Cameron's designs for a few months now and wanted to include you in my excitement for her fresh, clean, and modern designs. She is a textile & graphic designer based in Melbourne who recently started her own screen printing business. In addition to that she also finds time to design of all sorts of things including visual identities, promotional materials, websites, and last but not least textiles.... Needless to say she is one busy bee! Check back often at her blog, she's always got something fun & creative cooking in her studio! Below is a preview of some of my favorite prints from her fabric collections.

{Riverstones & Flowing Dots}{Birch & Riverside Adventures}
{Poppies & Raindrops}

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That Girl Designs said...

Nice find. Her designs look great. I'm heading to her blog to check it out.