Thursday, April 29, 2010

Room to Grow

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I am entering a new phase in my life. I'm looking forward to coming home to someone who's company I wholeheartedly enjoy, where we can create a meal together and end the day sharing in daily stories. A few of you requested to see some photos of my place when our things are mixed together. But we are planning on living at my place until my lease is up at the end of June, in which then we'll be relocating to Chicago! So we are planning on saving to decorate our new apartment in the city together! Which I am so looking forward to because we share similar design aesthetics. We are drawn to modern mid century pieces with industrial, naturalistic, and cozy accents. (okay, the cozy part is mostly me :) This is totally new territory for me, so I am mixed with overwhelming emotions.

On a different note: I'm currently loving these lace Photoshop brushes that I incorporated into my succulent photo. You can get 'em for yourself here, and they're free! I've included some of the designs in this fresh minty green color that I love. They remind me of old lace remenants that I sometimes find at the bottom of my mom's sewing drawers.

Psst: Wanna learn more? Here's a great link to learning more about how to upload, create, and organize your Photoshop brushes!


Cat said...

Very cool lace photoshop brushes! I don't have photoshop, maybe I should get it?!

Congrats on entering a new phase! Sounds like it will be a very good thing for you :)


Courtney said...

Of course! Perfect timing! Last weekend I downloaded every brush I could from Coffee Rings to Spray Paint and blood spatter so poastcards and crumples paper textures. You can read my mind girly!