Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Studio Tour

We just got the news early this morning at work that the people from American Eagle are stopping by for a tour of our photo studio this afternoon...eeekkk! I've been preparing all morning, finding samples of our last clothing client we had Justice. It was fun going through the racks and racks of photo samples and I miss the steadiness of work we had when I was shooting for them everyday. Below are some style guides my team of stylists and I put together for them. Wish me luck on my presentation to try to get more stylish accounts like AE.


melissa deakin said...

that is so exciting!
good luck!
(i just stumbled across your blog yesterday and it is amazing...looking forward to visiting often!)

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for stopping by to my little space in blogland, Melissa! Stop by anytime ;)

Courtney said...

Yes! You should get that account and then book me to help! hehe.
I seriously hope Omega gets it though.

Elizabeth said...

Yay Courtney! That would be the best to have you in again!!