Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday Wishes

It's Wednesday and it feels like it should be Friday! Funny how the week just sneeks up on you like that phew....

1. Yoga. I wish to find a yoga studio nearby for some relaxing of mind and body. I'm thinking this would be just the cure for this and more.

2. Plant seeds. This season is a time of new growth. I wish to celebrate one growth of sorts by planting seeds. I'm not sure what yet, but is it too much to ask for to find organic seeds?

3. A Social Life. Most people don't need to wish for this, but I do. I wish to meet up, catch up, and hang out with more friends, family, pets. Believe it or not but I am an introvert by nature. I am a total home body and if given the choice I would stay in on a Friday night than venture out.

That's it for this week, ladies! Short and sweet ;) If you'd like to start your own post of Wednesday Wishes and would like to use my photo, please let me know and I'd be more than happy to send it to you. Make sure to check out these lovely ladies blogs to see what's on there wish list's for today.

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Mama Ventura said...

We got organic seeds for our garden at Whole Foods. They weren't even terribly expensive.

I am a total introvert too. My husband is the exact opposite, so we are working to meet in the middle :)

Elizabeth said...

Oh, great I'll have to look at their seed selection next time I stop by, thanks ;) Most of my friends are extroverts, so they tend to balance me out too. I want to sometimes blame my introvertedness on the season, but ah who am I kidding, I'm that much fun to spend time with alone!