Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday Wishes

Hooray, it's Wednesday and time for another fresh batch of wishes! I hope some of these come true sometime in the near future!

1. YUDU. I wish and am wanting this amazing piece of equipment called YUDU. It's a large screen printing machine that you can print on pretty much any surface.

2. A home cooked meal. I get lazy (most days) about making dinner. I usually only prepare something when my boy comes over but when he doesn't I'm pretty content with serving up a bowl of cereal of making scrambled eggs.

3. Job security. I wish for my sister to have a job this summer. Her company is doing yet another round of layoffs and I hope she is not included in the bunch. It's a scary feeling of insecurity, but I keep my hopes up for her. When one door closes another one surely opens.

4. Magazine organizers. I wish to find the perfect magazine organizers , that is easy on the budget, so that I can finally organize my favorites by subjects.

That is all for this week. Make sure to sneak a peak at Kellie's, Courtney's and Katie's blogs to see what they have in store for wishes this week :)

1 comment:

Mama Ventura said...

Oh man, I know how the job security thing can be. It is a scary time right now. I hope everything works out for your sister.

Too bad you don't live around here. I would definitely cook you something yummy. Although I do love a quick bowl of cereal sometimes too :)